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Hello all and welcome to my blog! I am a 21-year-old art student committed to mastering the craft of traditional art.

I want my art to communicate powerful narratives and explore the complexities of the human experience. My goal is to depict the human condition truthfully and infuse my art with emotional resonance.

I am obsessed with the technical mastery of the Old Masters and I aim to achieve these skills myself. I want to present paintings with dynamic compositions and a palpable sense of form, harnessing strong chiaroscuro and atmosphere to create a profound sense of realism and mood. With expressive figures full of vitality, I want my paintings to be visually captivating and possess psychological depth.

My mission is to bring all these qualities together and into a modern context. Right now, my focus is on portraiture, but I plan to advance into full figures and eventually into multi-figure compositions.

In this blog, I will share my journey toward this goal. If you would like to follow my progress, consider subscribing with the form below to get new blog posts straight to your inbox.

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